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ICO start on February 26th 2018

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Why we create Cryptopus?

Today, cryptocurrency world is a huge investment field, where people earn benefits as fast as possible.

High volatility rate (it even goes up to 30% in 24hr.) creates perfect possibilities to earn and raise money, however there are high chances of "losing" all the investments.

There are tonns of ways to raise money. Funds and exchange platforms offer their services, but when your goal is to gain profit it is not enough to be lucky, it is a must to have financial skills and critical thinking. Even though some "traders" raise lots of money using their "sixth sense", it should be mentioned that cryptocurrency world is controlled by "feelings and thoughts" of the mob.

Platform's goal

First of all, we want to create a place, where people would be able to lend funds to professionals, who are able to make profit for both. Further information is located in our white paper.

Cryptopus Team

Two-step storage

Complex storage system offers great opportunities for those, who provide their storeplace.


Our storage system is completely dezentralized and build in a same manner like Bitcoin's blockchain.

Real-Time Sync

Real-time synchronization with the biggest official exchange platforms.


Content-oriented "interplanetary file system" helps us confirm the authentity of every transaction.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan guarantees, that the project is a long-time development and serving platform.


24/7 support and help is our main goal and best service provided till now.

Why we conduct Pre-ICO & ICO?

Even though most of the project is already developed, we still look for a team of good programmers for project's needs.

Apart from implemented features, there are still some of them, which are in a development process.

Firstly, we want to synchronise all of the exchange platforms existing. Currently we already receive data from four major exchanges, such as Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Bitmex. Deep integrition lets us offer precise data of our customers. Using IPFS & PubSub provides us a better control over data in any part of the world. All private data of our users is stored as a hash result decentralized. IPFS also lets us not to care about "data lost", because every user, who lends its "memory" for our purposes, obtains a full copy of the database. Its authenticity is proved by "nodes" using the blockchain-like algorithm. Cryptopus is already moving to a desktop oriented application, but it still needs to be highly optimized.

∙ ICO soft-cap: 0 ETH. With or without the budget we will develop our project, because we want to bring trust and public to cryptocurrency world. ∙ ICO hard-cap: 25000 ETH. This sum is enough for the project to develop insurance system. ∙ We accept only Ethereum (ETH), because of straightforward foundation programme. ∙ While pre-ICO, we sale 4000000 of CPP Tokens. ∙ Our bonus for pre-ICO campagne: tokens are half-priced. ∙ In total (pre-ICO + ICO) we sell 4000000 of CPP Tokens.

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ICO Goal

Our goal is to build our own insurance fund, which purpose is to protect clients and let everyone take care of own investments. We know for sure, that trading is a field full of risks and there is no one, who is protected from unpredictable situations, which are out of control of anyone and therefore we want to develop secured fund and give the protection to out customers.

Alexandr Romanov CEO, Founder of Cryptopus

Got a question?

We are always ready to answer any question in our Telegram Chat.

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Our Team

It''s impossible to develop a big project alone, but it is possible to share the idea with team and make it real


Alexandr Romanov

C++, Rust developer. Project leader and producer. Rich programming experience gave me opportunity to create such a huge mechanism.


Ivan Vishnevsky

Style, brand, PR. Looking for coop? Contact Vanya.


Alexandr Grebenko

Entrepreneur, CEO financial, investments and loan expert, with over 30-years experience.


Tural Ibadov

Bloger, vegan, creative director. All our PR moves are made by Tural.


Ilya Noskov

Overseeing and leading the development. Ilya has a vast experience working in FinTech and is responsible for everything technology related.


Alexandr Grebenko

Developing a world-wide marketplace isn't easy, but the vision & abilities of Alexandr will keep us on course we have.


Juan Pablo Gaviria

A young specialist in international cooperation and working with the media. Speaks fluently in Spanish, English and German.

Javascript Developer

Nursultan Imanov

Nursultan is our website guru. Smooth transitions, fast loading times, and JavaScript aesthetics are made by him.

Chief Designer

Irina Sintsova

Our visionary of design and illustrations. The look and feel of Cryptopus universe comes from Irina.

Our advisors


Anton Kobak

Robotics expert, engineer. Red diploma graduate. Russia & worldwide winner of robotics competitions. Microsoft Imagine Cup winner, CEO robotcs lab "MechLab".

leading developer of casper API

Stanislav Kapulkin

Mathematician-programmer, ITMO University CT graduate, Hackaton-Brainhack Co-Founder.

Marketing Consultant

Nikolay Velikov

Head of, a marketing prodigy. This year, Nikolay's ads brought over $3 million in revenue . He is our mentor and good friend

We are open-sourced

Our project's source code is fully uploaded to GitHub, where everyone is able to fork the project and help us developing it.